Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4th to May 8th is National Teacher Appreciation Week across the United States, and it got me thinking.  How can we really show our appreciation for teachers in just one week?

Teachers, by and large, are an amazing group of people.  We give our time, money, and efforts to help others who are not related to us by blood or friendship.  We work tirelessly to ensure students in our classroom are supported, loved, and cared for in a way that leads to engagement, learning, and achievement.  On our off time, you’ll find educators learning about best practices to support students, how to make their classrooms more engaging, or learning about new best practices in our field.  We are true non-stop learners and procurers of learning.

It is true that teaching is probably one of the hardest, most demanding professions.  We work tirelessly day and night, worrying about our students’ progress, whether he or she had a meal in the morning, or what that sudden change in behavior might indicate. We spend our own time (and often money) creating engaging learning experiences, decorating classrooms to create welcoming environments, and differentiating instruction for diverse groups of kids.

A post I saw recently really summed up what teaching means:

love a teacher


Image transcription: “Every School in America has teachers working for free on a daily basis. Go by any school parking lot early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or even at night or on the weekends, and you will see them. No overtime, no bonuses or promotions on the line–just doing it for their students! Teachers are using their free time, often investing their own money, for children’s literacy, prosperity and future. Re-post if you are a teacher, love a teacher, or appreciate a teacher.”

So for this week (and always), teachers, we salute you. Please know that your energy, enthusiasm and tireless pursuit of achievement for your students do not go unnoticed.

This week (and always) please be sure to recognize a teacher in your area and use the hashtag #ThankATeacher.